These wire wrap jewelry pieces were all individually created for their owner, either from stones submitted by their owners or from stones picked from my inventory.  All custom work is made with either Sterling Silver wire, Argentium (Non-Tarnish) Silver wire, 14/20 Gold Fill wire, Red, Yellow, White Gold wire or even Platinum or Titanium wire.  The sky and your imagination are the limit when it comes to a custom made piece of wire wrapped jewelry!  I can custom make any type of wire wrap jewelry that you would want, including a single stone wire wrap, a multi stone wire wrap pendant, wire wrap earrings, a bracelet, a book mark or even a glass wire infusion.  And if you have an idea that isn't presented here, I'd love to hear it!  I enjoy trying new things and expanding my horizons.  Fill out the custom order form and I will contact you to get started designing your piece of custom wire wrapped jewelry!

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